Software is too hard.

Computers are magic. So why do we put up with so much complexity?
We believe just a few new ideas can make all the difference.

Theses & Products

Distributed state is too hard.

Having state all over the place is the hardest part of every app. What if it didn't have to be?

Jazz is an open-source toolkit for sync & secure collaborative data.

Software is places, not apps.

People inhabit software. This means we can architect virtual places to be fit for humans.

Coming 2024
Garden is a home to think in. A note-taking space for your thoughts, projects and dreams.

Humanity needs simulation.

Complex systems make up our world. Simulation makes time, space and possibilities visceral.

Coming 2026
Tilescape is an open-source toolkit for running and rendering infinitely scalable simulations.


Grow open ecosystems

Open-source and simple standards enable permissionless adoption of new tech at scale.

Provide reliable infrastructure

There is immense value in generic, reusable and reliable infrastructure provided at low cost.

Design good user environments

The best tech is made by vertically integrated companies that design for their own users.